ginlo PM fiber Gain Flattening Filter
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PM fiber Gain Flattening Filter

PM fiber Gain Flattening Filter

PM Fiber Gain Flattening Filter

Key Features:       

♦Low insertion loss  

♦High extinction ratio         

♦Flat spectral gain             

♦High stability and reliability     



♦Fiber ampfier


♦Fiber sensor

♦Fiber instrument 





Wavelength Range C-band (nm)

1528 ~ 1565

Insertion Loss (dB)

< 0.6

Peak to Peak Error Function (dB)

< 0.5

Extinction Ratio (dB)

< 0.1

Return Loss (dB)

> 50

Maximum Power Handling (mW)


Operating Temperature (°C)

0 ~ +70

Storage Temperature (°C)

-40 ~ +85

Dimensions (mm)


 For device with connector, IL is 0.3dB higher, RL is 5dB lower, ER is 2dB lower. The default connector key is aligned to slow axis  Ordering Information

PMGFF PortType Wavelength Pigtail Type Fiber Type Length Connector
  1x1 1550 250=250um bare fiber900=900um loose tube 2=PMF 1= 1m NE=NoneFA=FC/APCFC=FC/UPCSA=SC/APCSC=SC/UPCLC=LC/UPCLA=LC/APCXX=Other